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Tailored Tips

10 Trends That Will Impact Your Business In 2017

Every year brings new perspectives that change how we work. In the case of 2017, a change in national leadership, combined with ongoing technology, social, economic, political and environmental factors, are generating key trends that business owners need to pay attention to if they want to continue being relevant to their customer base. Plus, these trends also impact how small and mid-size business owners develop their strategy, marketing messages, and investment plans toward adopting new...

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How Does Apple Pay Compare To EMV?

Credit card fraud is on the rise and major data breaches are becoming more common. Against this backdrop, businesses across the country are rushing to make their payment processing more secure. Two of the most popular solutions are EMV (Pin & Chip) and Apple Pay.

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EMV Update: The Good, The Bad and the Costly

Since their introduction in the mid-1980s, EMV credit cards have proven incredibly effective at preventing in-store credit card fraud. Although EMV chip cards come with magnetic stripes that work on traditional card readers, they also come equipped with embedded security chips that only work on EMV-ready terminals. These chips are difficult to clone; and in order to make an in-store purchase, the card must be physically present.

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Meet The New Clover Go

Go Here. Go There. Accept Payments Everywhere! You don’t just go to work every day. You get after it -- wherever work takes you. But there’s one thing you need every day: a way to take payments when you’re not sitting still.

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Introducing Exatouch 8.1

Exatouch® is a complete point-of-sale system that includes the hardware, software and ongoing support at an affordable monthly cost. It's perfectly designed for restaurants, retail merchants, liquor stores, salons and spas, and convenience stores. We'll help you select the Exatouch equipment and processing package that is best suited for your business.

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How Secure Are NFC Payments?

Short for “near field communication”, NFC allows devices in close proximity to transfer data back and forth in a wireless manner. The technology is very similar to Bluetooth, but NFC uses far less power and works over much shorter distances. In the world of commerce, merchants and consumers use NFC technology to initiate contactless payments via credit cards or mobile devices. Rather than physically swiping the credit card, consumers simply wave their preferred payment device across an NFC...

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The Benefits of Having An Online Payment Portal for Real Estate Management Companies

Most renters and property owners still send in their monthly payments via paper-check. It's a tried-and-true payment method that works. However, this approach has several drawbacks — both for the payee and the recipient. When sending in rent or mortgage payments via check, payees must:

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Reduce Fraudulent Activity On Your Merchant Account

Credit card fraud has been steadily on the rise as criminals develop even more inventive ways of stealing financial data for unauthorized purchases. The introduction of EMV credit cards is helping to reduce fraudulent activity within brick-and-mortar retail stores. However, in the online world, the security features that come with these chip-enabled cards offer only limited protection. As a result, security experts predict that Web-based credit card fraud could exceed $6.5 billion by 2018.

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards represent a safe and convenient way for consumers to buy the products and services they love. In fact, Americans are so enamored with this payment option that in 2015 alone, they collectively purchased over $127 billion worth of gift cards for their friends and family. If your business does not currently offer gift cards, you're missing out on a huge slice of retail spending. Here are some important reasons why your business should be offering gift cards to your customers.

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How Long Until Cash Is A Thing Of The Past?

Roughly 10 percent of all Americans don't carry any type of cash at all, and nearly 80 percent of shoppers keep less than $50 in their wallets — and why should they?

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