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Credit Card Processing For Nonprofit Organizations

Your nonprofit organization might not be obsessed with quarterly reports or annual earnings, but the long-term success of your organization depends heavily on your ability to bring in new funding to achieve your mission and to sustain programs.

This is why many charitable organizations structure their operations just as one would in the for-profit business world. This includes:

  • Controlling expenses through cost cutting.
  • Streamlining processes and workflows.
  • Improving outreach through marketing.

Arguably the most important thing that your nonprofit must learn how to do is boost "conversions" — i.e. the rate at which prospects become actual donors. This is where Tailored Transactions can help.

This blog post explains how our payment solutions can help make your fundraising both safer and more successful.

1. Secure Credit Card Processing

Regardless of your legal incorporation status, you need to be able to process payments securely. This is especially important if you want to accept credit cards, which is increasingly the preferred donation method among charitable contributors. In fact, if your organization continues to rely on traditional paper checks, you're not simply leaving money on the table — you may be wasting valuable resources as well.

However, to accept plastic, you must have a nonprofit merchant account that adheres to the latest fraud security standards. At Tailored Transactions, our PCI-Compliant payment solutions ensures that you and your donors benefit from 24/7 fraud protection and data security.

2. Mobile Credit Card Processing

Setting up nonprofit credit card processing is an important first step, but simply accepting credit cards isn’t enough to reach all possible donors. This is because many fundraising campaigns happen off site, making it difficult to use point-of-sale (POS) terminals to process plastic.

However, with our mobile credit card solutions, you can accept payments on the go — as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection

All you need is a smartphone or tablet, coupled with our ProCharge mobile card reader that is simply inserted into the headphone jack and then you’re all set. We also integrate with nonprofit software programs that make it possible to donate directly within the mobile app itself.

3. Accepting Donations Online

Mobile credit card processing is a flexible option for your fundraising events. However, you still need someone on the ground to run the transactions, but with online giving, the donors come to you virtually — regardless of geography. Online giving also allows you to accept donations around the clock — even after normal business hours.

Hosted donation forms allow you to instantly create "giving" pages in a matter of minutes. No programming skills are required. This option also reduces your PCI scope, since you're not actually capturing financial data on your site. All of this information is securely registered and processed on our end. Donation forms can also be set to accept one-time or recurring donations

One Final Tip to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

Regardless of how you accept payments, follow-up is essential for long-term success and donor retention.

At Tailored Transactions, we make continued outreach easy with our advanced payment integration solutions. As new donations come in, they are automatically recorded in your favorite customer relationship management platform. You can then use this information to intelligently target those donors that can have the greatest impact on your fundraising campaign.

To learn more about Tailored Transactions secure payment solutions for nonprofits, contact us today!

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