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Tailored Tips

Tips For Keeping Credit Cards Secure On Vacation

Losing your debit or credit card normally isn’t that big of a deal. If one of your cards is lost, stolen or compromised, the card issuing bank will send you a replacement card within a few days. Most card issuers also provide fraud protection so you will not be personally liable for any unauthorized purchases that may occur before your lost or stolen card is closed.

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Getting Started With Credit Card Processing

If you’re a new business looking into accepting credit card payments, the "where do I begin" question may seem a little daunting. Don’t let the fancy technology and all of the payment industry lingo overwhelm you. Once you understand these few essential concepts, you can begin accepting credit card payments with peace of mind knowing that you have the correct setup for your business.

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Understanding Visa's New Chargeback Rules

In 2017, Visa began rolling out a new chargeback system designed to simplify the process. Known as Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), this new system places less emphasis on traditional litigation (i.e., back-and-forth disputes) and more emphasis on liability. The rules themselves are complex and you can read them here. Though one way in which VCR could help improve the system is through automation. Visa will use rules and workflows to screen chargebacks before they move onto the next stage....

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The New Clover Station 2018

The new Clover Station 2018 makes it easier than ever to streamline your business–its powerful system boasts enhanced features that help you get more done, so you can focus more on doing what you love. It's truly a complete All-In-One point of sale and payments system.

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Quick Chip Credit Card Processing

Quick Chip credit card processing isn’t a new type of security chip, nor is it a new type of credit card. Instead, it’s a software update provided by the Payment Card Industry. Once installed on your POS terminal, this patch will dramtically speed up the verification process at the point of sale. With a Quick Chip-enabled terminal, credit card data is temporarily stored locally within the terminal. This means customers can insert their cards at any time during the checkout process, even if the...

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Utility Interchange Rates Can Provide Huge Savings

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover offer incredibly low interchange rates to businesses that provide waste management or utility services. These special rates are called the utility interchange rates, and they can help to reduce your monthly credit card processing fees by up to 70%. To receive this special pricing your business must be set up with a Utilities merchant account.

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Interchange Optimization Will Save Your Business Money

Interchange optimization is making sure that the interchange rates and fees that your business is paying as part of your overall credit card processing fees, is optimal for your type of business, and that you're avoiding downgrades and additional surcharges.

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Credit Card Processing Downgrades

By understanding what credit card processing downgrades are and how to avoid them, your business will better position itself to pay as little as possible in credit card processing fees each month. In this blog post, we will explain what credit card transaction downgrades are, how to identify them, and how to correct them.

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Merchant Account Fees Are Tax Deductible

As a business owner, it’s important to your bottom-line to make sure that you’re taking advantage of every tax deduction to which you are entitled. While most deductions are well known, there may be one deduction you have never considered. It has to do with your merchant account, more specifically, your credit and debit card processing fees

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The Major Benefits To Upgrading Your POS System

The latest point-of-sale systems have evolved well past just being a device to process your customers payments, they can become the backbone of your business. Even so, as a business owner the idea of shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to upgrade your POS equipment might go against the grain.

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