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Tailored Tips

Make Online Payments Easier For Your Customers

Part of an exceptional customer experience is to make the payment process as easy and convenient as possible. The faster your customers can complete their transactions in a secure and accurate way, the more likely they are to return for future purchases and recommend your business to their family and friends. Easier also means greater convenience, variety, and security with every transaction! Here are some strategies for addressing all those expectations about online payments.

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Batch Credit Card Processing

If you’re like most businesses, you enjoy making sales — but not the tedious process of manually uploading every transaction as it comes through. This process can be especially cumbersome if you’re a high-volume merchant. All of this reporting might represent hours of lost time and productivity, even if each individual sale is only a few dollars. With the right payment environment, however, it’s possible to upload and report all of your transactions at once with batch credit card processing.

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Why PCI Compliance Matters

If your business accepts credit card payments, then you’ve probably heard the term PCI compliance before. Unfortunately, for most business owners, the first time they hear about PCI compliance is when they're being charged PCI non-compliance fees on their month processing statement. PCI compliance is a complicated topic at best, and without a clear explanation as to why it's important, it can be hard to understand why PCI compliance should matter to your business.

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B2B Credit Card Payments Are On The Rise

Commercial credit cards hold only a fraction of the overall B2B payments market, but that fraction is quickly increasing in size as the demand for this payment method is on the rise, by all accounts. Mercator Advisory Group estimated the U.S.

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Credit Card Interchange Rates Explained

When a business accepts credit card payments they can expect to pay a range of processing-related charges. For most businesses, however, the "wholesale" or interchange rate represents the lion’s share of their processing expenses. So what are interchange rates, and what steps can you take to manage or reduce these fees within your business?

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Property Management Payment Processing

You can empower your tenants to pay their rent with credit cards and other electronic payment methods with Tailored Transactions property management credit card processing solutions.

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Why There Are No Truly Free Merchant Accounts

Consider for a moment that one of your employees comes to you with what they consider to be a brilliant strategy: Stop charging for your product or service and just give it away for free instead. When you question their logic, they insist that this approach will increase your sales by tenfold. After all, just imagine all the customers you’d have when everything is free! Is this employee due for a promotion or the unemployment line? Maybe a class in Business Management 101 would be in order.

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Top B2B Payment Trends

While the digital universe has transformed the way businesses operate in nearly every area, B2B payment technology has lagged behind in most respects. In fact, you’re probably handling your accounts payable and receivable in exactly the same way they’ve been handled by small business owners for decades, Excel spreadsheets included.

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Common Credit Card Processing Terms

The world of payment processing has a lingo that’s all its own. Anyone involved in the process — including merchants — should know and understand these common industry terms.

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Comparing Merchant Services Providers

Selecting the best merchant services provider for your business is a critical decision that requires some time and effort on your part. At Tailored Transactions, we believe the process starts with an honest assessment of your business and the type(s) of credit card processing options you require i.e. traditional retail, MO/TO, e-commerce or mobile.

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