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Merchant Support Center

The Most Robust & Feature-Rich Reporting Tool Available is a FREE online tool that provides your business with detailed reporting of all your merchant account activity. This includes real-time access to your daily batch and bank deposit reports, monthly statements, chargeback responses, and a historical list of all processed transactions.

Complete Archive of Information

All of your merchant statements and transaction data will be archived in PDF format for the life of your merchant account. Giving you the most thorough online reporting available today. You will have the ability to search for any information regarding your past processing activity and download it into an Excel® spreadsheet.

Extensive Knowledge Base

You will be able to access and download support forms and other PDFs from the Merchant Support Center, including quick reference guides for all POS equipment, terminals and software. This information is available 24/7, so you will always have an accessible reference to guide you through the transaction process.

Chargeback and Retrieval Response

To instantaneously respond to chargeback disputes and retrieval requests, all you will need to do is state your case and then upload the proper documentation. The Merchant Support Center makes responding to customer initiated chargebacks easy and conflict free.

User Friendly Interface

We understand that not everyone is computer savvy. That is why we have developed the Merchant Support Center to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Every merchant will find our interface easy to navigate and utilize.

Free Setup

Enjoy another FREE tool provided by Tailored Transactions at no additional cost!

Online Statements

Your end-of-month statements can be accessed in PDF format and can be automatically emailed or faxed each month. Customized batch reports and data feeds are also available upon request.

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