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E-Commerce Merchant Account

Increase Sales & Revenue by Accepting Payments Online

Setting up an e-commerce merchant account gives you the ability to accept credit card payments online directly through your website. You can make money around the clock with just a click of your customer’s mouse.

As the Internet has transformed the business world over the past decade, online credit card usage has become the fastest growing segment in the electronic payments industry. A small business whose customer base used to be limited to their local city can now sell their products and services worldwide.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A Payment Gateway is an application that acts as a "virtual bridge" to authorize payments by way of an Internet connection. It is most commonly used by e-commerce web sites, MO/TO merchants, and even some traditional retail storefronts. It is the online equivalent to a physical point-of-sale terminal.

Payment Gateways protect sensitive data, such as the credit card number, cardholders name and the expiration date, through various methods of encryption. This ensures the safe and secure passage of data from customer to merchant to payment processor.

Choosing The Right Payment Gateway

While some newer companies have excellent products, nothing beats the reliability and ease of integration of the more established payment gateway companies. Follow this tip and you will know that you are getting a product that works from a provider with a proven track record.

Security should always be your top priority when setting up your online business. Your choice of a payment gateway will directly impact the security of your transactions and the confidence of your customers. We have built relationships with the top payment gateway providers in our industry. You can have the peace of mind knowing that all of our online products are reliable, user-friendly and offer top end security.

Website Requirements for E-Commerce Merchants

  • Your website MUST be live and active
  • Business DBA must be present and prominent
  • Customer service contact information must be clearly listed
  • Return and Refund policies must be present
  • Merchant Privacy Statement must be present
  • Website must have a secure check-out page and shopping cart
  • Products and Services listed with their associated prices
  • Delivery method and timing must be listed if applicable

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