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Cost-Plus Merchant Account

Stop Overpaying For Credit Card Processing

Far too many businesses are overpaying for credit card processing but are not aware of it. Many business owners have been purposely misled by "teaser rates" while others have had their merchant accounts set up using the wrong pricing model.

Regardless of the reason, the result is the same. High credit card processing fees that shrink profit margins and hurt your bottom line.

At Tailored Transactions, we offer a full suite of customized payment solutions that are secure, transparent, and highly cost-effective. We will set up your merchant account to best meet your specific payment processing needs while guaranteeing maximum cost savings and efficiency.

Look at Your Credit Card Processing Statement

Do you see ANY of the following downgrades listed on your recent monthly statement?

  • Qualified or Qual
  • Mid-Qualified or MQual
  • Non-Qualified or NQual
  • Standard or STND
  • Electronic or ELEC
  • Level 1
  • EIRF
  • Data Rate 1 or DR1
  • CNP
  • Bill-Back - example: APR BB195 Transaction Cleared...

If the answer is YES, this indicates that your merchant account is setup incorrectly, and your business is overpaying for credit card processing.

Cost-Plus Pricing

The pricing method that we use is called Cost-Plus Pricing, which is also known as Interchange Plus Pricing. It works by passing through all of your credit and debit card transactions at their respective interchange rates, with only a small fixed markup added.

The interchange rates are the wholesale processing rates set by Visa, MasterCard and Discover and they differ according to card type and transaction type. i.e. swiped, key-entered, or online.

Cost-Plus Pricing can reduce your monthly credit card processing fees by up to 35% to 45%, which could save your business thousands of dollars in processing costs each year.

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Cost-Plus Pricing

American Express OptBlue™

AMEX OptBlue will provide your business with the highest level of service and support by consolidating all of your credit card processing under one roof. We will directly handle your AMEX billing, funding, and customer support in-house, allowing us to become your single point of contact for all credit card processing matters.

We will reduce your American Express discount rate by a minimum of .25% — guaranteed!

AMEX OptBlue Highlights:

  • Lower Discount Rates
  • Lower Transaction Fees
  • No Monthly Statement Fee
  • Next Day Funding On Deposits
  • Consolidated Monthly Reporting
  • We Become Your Single Point of Contact

Value-Added Benefits That We Offer for Free

Increase Profit Margins by Reducing Processing Costs

Tailored Transactions understands that just as businesses differ in their products and services, so do their individual needs. This is why we will tailor your merchant account to best meet your specific payment processing needs, while ensuring maximum savings and efficiency.

Whether you're looking to set up your initial merchant account or looking to reduce your current fees, we can help you! Follow the link below to request a Free Rate Quote.

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