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Tailored Tips

MasterCard Selfie Pay

The selfie. We've all seen them. We've all taken them — and we all recognize that selfies have very little practical value outside of sharing them on social media. ....that is until now!

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The Benefits Of Level 3 Processing

If your business currently accepts credit and debit card payments, and you're using either a point-of-sale terminal, mobile card reader, or a standard payment gateway to process those payments, you're more than likely setup for Level 1 payment processing.

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The Advantages Of Using A Virtual Terminal

If you operate a brick-and-mortar retail store, accepting credit card payments is easy. All you need is a merchant account and POS terminal. If you run an e-commerce website, you’ll need a secure online shopping cart and payment gateway.

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Credit Card Processing For Nonprofit Organizations

Your nonprofit organization might not be obsessed with quarterly reports or annual earnings, but the long-term success of your organization depends heavily on your ability to bring in new funding to achieve your mission and to sustain programs. This is why many charitable organizations structure their operations just as one would in the for-profit business world. This includes:

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What Is Tokenization And How Does It Work?

Tokenization is a highly effective data security measure that is designed to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. When it's applied to financial transactions, tokenization relieves businesses from having to store credit card data within their payment systems. This helps to drastically reduce their PCI Compliance scope and expense. So how does tokenization actually work?

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10 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Merchant Services Provider

Setting up a merchant account will allow your business to begin accepting debit and credit card payments. By providing this convenient payment method to your customers, you will more than likely see an immediate increase in your sales volume. However, not all merchant services providers are created equal. Below are 10 essential questions you should ask BEFORE choosing a merchant services provider for your business. These questions will help you save money and avoid unneeded headaches and...

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Mobile Donation Tips For Churches

Whether for weekly offerings or larger capital raising campaigns, donations are the lifeblood of most churches. Surprisingly, the collection plate hasn’t changed much in the past two thousand years, even as society and technology have greatly evolved.

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10 Trends That Will Impact Your Business In 2017

Every year brings new perspectives that change how we work. In the case of 2017, a change in national leadership, combined with ongoing technology, social, economic, political and environmental factors, are generating key trends that business owners need to pay attention to if they want to continue being relevant to their customer base. Plus, these trends also impact how small and mid-size business owners develop their strategy, marketing messages, and investment plans toward adopting new...

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How Does Apple Pay Compare To EMV?

Credit card fraud is on the rise and major data breaches are becoming more common. Against this backdrop, businesses across the country are rushing to make their payment processing more secure. Two of the most popular solutions are EMV (Pin & Chip) and Apple Pay.

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EMV Update: The Good, The Bad and the Costly

Since their introduction in the mid-1980s, EMV credit cards have proven incredibly effective at preventing in-store credit card fraud. Although EMV chip cards come with magnetic stripes that work on traditional card readers, they also come equipped with embedded security chips that only work on EMV-ready terminals. These chips are difficult to clone; and in order to make an in-store purchase, the card must be physically present.

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