Utilities Merchant Account

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees by up to 70%

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover offer special reduced credit card processing rates for businesses that provide waste management or utility services. These special rates are known as the utility interchange rates, and to receive them your business must be set up with a Utilities merchant account.

By setting up a Utilities merchant account, your business can substantially reduce its credit card processing fees by up to 70% — saving you thousands of dollars annually.

These Services Qualify for a Utilities Merchant Account

  • Waste Disposal & Waste Management Services
  • Residential Trash Collection
  • Container Rentals
  • Roll-Off Services
  • Water / Gas / Electricity Generation or Distribution
  • Sanitary Utility Services

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Utility Interchange Rates

The most important thing to know about a Utilities merchant account is that you do not pay a percentage discount rate on the credit and debit card payments you process. Instead, you only pay a small per transaction fee.

These transaction fees are called the utility interchange rates, and they are listed in the chart below. The utility interchange rates apply to swiped, keyed-in and online payments.

Card Type Visa MasterCard Discover
Debit $0.65 $0.45 $0.75
Credit $0.75 $0.65 $0.75
Rewards $0.75 $0.65 $0.75
Commercial $1.50 $1.50 $1.50

Example: If your business processes a Visa consumer credit card payment in the amount of $500.00, you will only pay a $0.75 transaction fee on that sale. That’s it!

Typically you would pay a discount rate of between 1.5% to 2.5% plus a transaction fee. But with a Utilities merchant account, there is NO percentage discount rate. This is the reason why you will save a substantial amount of money in card processing fees each month.

Additional Payment Solutions

In addition to credit card processing, we also provide the following payment solutions:

  • IVR (automated phone payments)
  • Electronic Check Conversion (ECC)
  • Check Guarantee & Verification
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)

We can provide your business with an online payment gateway that will allow you to accept both credit card and check payments directly through your website. If this is something you need, let us know, and we will provide you with more details.

American Express OptBlue™

AMEX OptBlue will provide your business with the highest level of service and support by consolidating all of your credit card processing under one roof. We will directly handle your AMEX billing, funding and customer support in-house, allowing us to become your single point of contact for all credit card processing matters.

Reduce your American Express discount rate by a minimum of .25% — guaranteed!

AMEX OptBlue Highlights:

  • Lower Discount Rates
  • Lower Transaction Fees
  • No Monthly Statement Fee
  • Next Day Funding On Deposits
  • Consolidated Monthly Reporting

Value-Added Benefits That We Provide for Free

Trash Your Higher Fees and Start Saving Money

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