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Level 3 Processing

Add 1% to your bottom line without increasing your sales volume!

If your company accepts business, purchasing and government credit card payments, then your merchant account requires a specialized setup that differs from a standard retail or MO/TO merchant account. What your business needs is a B2B merchant account that is setup for Level 3 Processing.

Credit Card Transactions Fall Into One Of Three Categories:

Level 1 - business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, during which consumers use their personal credit or debit cards to make both small and large purchases.
Level 2 - a more detailed transaction between two businesses, this is commonly referred to as B2B payment processing.
Level 3 - requires the most detailed data, and these transactions are often made using government or business purchasing cards.

The higher the level, the lower the interchange rate that you receive. So by properly qualifying your commercial and purchasing card transactions at Level 3, you will save a minimum of 1% on your overall discount rate. This will help your business to save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees annually!

Level 3 Processing also provides enhanced transaction reporting which is becoming a requirement for most government contracts. This enhanced reporting will make the reconciliation process a lot quicker for both your business and your clients business.

Summary of Level 3 Interchange Rates


Corporate Card – 1.85%
Purchasing Card – 1.85%


Large Market – 1.80%
Business L1 Core – 1.75%
Business L2 World – 1.91%
Business L3 World Elite – 1.96%
Business L4 – 2.06%

If your company processes single ticket credit card transactions over $7,000 then you are eligible for High Ticket Level 3 Interchange. These rates are as low as 1.45%.

How To Quickly & Easily Process Level 3 Transactions

Tailored Transactions offers a customized payment gateway that can process Level 3 transactions in the same amount of time that it takes to process a standard Level 1 transaction.

Our payment gateway will automatically populate the required Level 3 data on the back-end, allowing your business to receive the substantial savings that Level 3 Processing provides without doing any additional work on your end. We can setup our payment gateway to process both MO/TO and retail transactions.

Learn More about Level 3 Processing and the many great benefits that it provides HERE on our website.

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